— Nov 23, 2013

Preserve your Wealth and Identity - Act against Identity Theft Scam

As much as possible, every precaution should be taken to protect your identity. If only there was a way to trace the origin of…

— Nov 19, 2013

Identity theft commercials are Really Happening

You may have laughed off at the absurdity that is shown in identity theft commercials. But Identity Theft is really nothing to…

— Nov 19, 2013

Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act: Basic Provisions you need to Know

Terry Rogan was arrested five times for allegedly committing a robbery and murder which he did not commit. His problem began in…

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Avoid becoming another Hopeless Victim of Bank Identity Theft

Ever wonder how identity theft occurs? It is actually quite fascinating even though it's a very malicious and dangerous crime.

— Nov 15, 2013

Ways to Protect Yourself from Computer Identity Theft

Identity theft is considered as a huge problem in our society. Since everyday, there is an increase in the number of user of…

— Nov 15, 2013

Facebook Identity Theft: It Does Happen

Your Facebook profile can be stolen/hi-jacked EVEN IF YOU DELETE IT! It can be very difficult, almost impossible to fix if this…