Leading States for Identity Theft

Consumer Protection from Identity Theft

This website is here to provide U.S. Citizens important information that may save their credit ratings and keep them from even bigger problems with the legal system. EVERYONE is a target and the crooks are getting smarter, using high-tech software and hardware and they are destroying people's lives. I personally would like to help as much as possible because I was once a victim of Identity Theft.

I sat down one day to pay my bills... like most months, I had just barely enough to cover everything... we all know that feeling! I pay 99% of my bills online so I logged into my bank account and nearly had a heart attack! Instead of a $1200 balance like I expected to see... the balance was (-$2600)... that's negative twenty-six hundred dollars. All of my money was gone and I was in the hole an extra $2600... Holy Sh**! After a lot of calling, going to the bank, the police, a lawyer... and many months... I got my money back and many months later, I finally had the false debt cleared. Believe me! It was much worse than I just made it sound.

I DON'T WANT ANYONE to go through what I had to endure! This site and all it's content is specifically here to help you prevent the theft of your identity! PLEASE take advantage of it.


You will find an amazing amount of FREE INFORMATION and RESOURCES on this website and I'm very pleased to provide it. It does cost a little to run the website. Things like hosting fees for example. I try to get new content from numerous authors and keep everything up-to-date. I have a job, so this is not my primary source of income... I just try to make enough that the site can run without costing me money!

I currently offer a Premium eBook, "Preventing Identity Theft," you don't have to buy it... in fact, you don't have to spend a nickle if you don't want to or can't afford to but... the information in that book took many months, hours and lots of stressful nights to compile. It's full of good information! It tells how and what Identity Thieves do AND how to spot scams BEFORE they get you! The small charge simply helps to keep this site running for the benefit of everyone!


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